amana is a platform focussed for arabic parents and youth to challenge the stigma of mental health. due to a cultural stigma, there is lack in communication of this issue between the youth and parents, due to traditional upbringings. an important matter to address is to educate the parents that mental health should be addressed before getting severe. amana aims to establish a platform for arabic youth to come together, interact, socialise and find their creative outlet. through the form of a tangible product, individuals can leave this platform with a sense of comfort and understanding of self-care.



There is a heavily stigmatized perception of mental health within Arabic culture. Mental health is often disregarded and not taken seriously, by youth and parents alike, at least until it becomes severe. Individuals are not able to express their struggles to their parents due to the ‘brush it under the carpet’ mentality, suggesting a lack of education. Living in New Zealand, a society where mental health is spoken about more openly, I explore how can those values be merged with Arabic culture.



I wanted to bridge the gap between parents and children. Through this platform, I have taken an innovative approach to mental health, through creative therapy methods. Creative therapy is a unique approach to mental health, using your individualism, enabling you to get in touch with your feelings, through a creative outlet. This form of therapy allows people to challenge their negative thoughts, find clarity through expression, and feel comfortable in starting a conversation about it.


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The publication is an introduction to who we are. Individuals who decide to come through to AMANA are given a publication and journal. The publication is bilingual, in Arabic and English, and information is given to inform, manage, and support individuals and parents about mental health. With mental health better explained, it will encourage communication and conversation within the Arabic household.


a bit of tough love never hurt. positivity clearly isn’t motivating us to be more active so why not insults? 

collaborative project with beth mcphail



Studying is stressful. The work life balance is hard to maintain and often self-care is not prioritised. For this reason, students would benefit a lot from introducing more exercise into their lives as it decreases stress and impacts overall wellbeing.



Our idea is to motivate people to exercise through humour. There is lots of positive motivational material out there and yet still over half of New Zealanders don’t meet the ministry of healths weekly exercise guidelines.


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Our solution is a unique take on the fitness app using humorous insults to motivate people to be more aware of their current exercise and making it easy to add in more. Increasing weekly exercise has major positive impacts on overall wellbeing.

check up from the neck up

check up from the neck up explores the stigma of mental health for new zealand males. It is to approach mental health, in a way guys want to learn about it, in a creative matter. we have created a deliverable program specifically for boys high schools to spark the conversation of mental health in form time classrooms.

collaborative project with emma pearce, dan wilkinson, jake luijten



There is an ongoing stigma surrounding male

mental health in New Zealand where males are expected to ‘toughen up’.

With no current program and a lack of education targeting males when they are in school, these numbers are only set to rise unless something is done.



Check up. from the Neck up, has been designed not to ‘Blanket’ everyone in one learning programme. But to approach mental health, in a way guys want to learn about it.

We have created a deliverable program specifically for Boys high schools to spark the conversation of mental health in form time classrooms.

Each class within the school gets delivered a ‘Check up. From the Neck up’ package, which gives both teachers and students the tools to keep their brain fit.


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The website is the point of contact. Educational schools are able to find out more of the

The package - each box is kitted out with a classrooms worth of journals, and the teachers own set of resources

Teacher Strategy - a book comprised of educating the teachers and students about what mental health is, and signs of various issues.

Student Journal - A tangible product for students to take away and read through in their own time, with insightful information and blank pages to encourage writing and simple ways to express their mental health.


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